‘Robot mentality’ – don’t reinvent the wheel!

Has anyone ever asked you, ‘Please don’t re-invent the wheel’? Shoot me for taking it personal; is that not an insult to anyone’s intelligence? Your creativity is being restricted; the natural urge to explore and investigate further is stripped away from you like taking candy from a baby. The natural high you get from being creative and digging deeper has vanished and replaced with what I call ‘robot mentality’. You become a robot, the worker bee, a slave to the activity and before you know it you just doing the activity for the sake of doing it.

Someone else already completed all the best parts to the activity. All their innovative ideas have been implemented into this activity, perfected and moulded into something spectacular. Next time the same activity comes around, you get told don’t reinvent the wheel because so and so did a good job of the activity just do the same thing as so and so did it last time. There you have it congratulations you have now become a victim of ‘robot mentality’.

I don’t know how many times I have heard this term ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’ it goes on to my list of one of the most annoying and confusing terms that has been created. Why is it confusing you may ask?

The world sends out messages such as:
• Innovation is key to success
• The more innovative, the better
• Give us different solutions, different methods and different everything

Why some are still choosing to not reinvent the wheel? A few reasons why people tend to not want to reinvent the wheel and dive deeper:
• Its just easy to use what was done in the past
• People want to follow and not lead
• Excuses can be used to become passive as appose to being more active
• Deadline pressure
• Cost Implications

What could potentially happen when we ‘don’t reinvent the wheel’?
• Crucial steps could be missed because external and internal factors has changed and are different to the last time the activity was performed
• New technologies and solutions which offer a greater reward will not be utilised because last time they never existed

Sure reinventing the wheel will take longer to complete as compared to doing the same task which was done before. Sometimes it doesn’t pay to reinvent the wheel for every single activity but like all things in life choose wisely. Its definitely worth it, people get paid to provide you with innovative ideas and new solutions to old problems. In turn the business improves; it becomes more efficient and effective.

Why not reinvent the wheel often enough to take your people, clients and business to the next level?

#RobotMentality #Inventing


One thought on “‘Robot mentality’ – don’t reinvent the wheel!

  1. When I did art at GSCE I got told not to draw faces because I couldn’t. Features are still not my strong suit, and my writing has always been better than my drawing, but I learnt how to draw faces through practice. Yet for over a year after GCSE I didn’t draw because I felt that I couldn’t. I still don’t draw that much and when I do I’m self conscious about it.
    Everyone has a different way of doing things and it’s important that everyone gets the opportunity to explore that.


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