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Planning for the faint hearted?

Don’t you just hate it when you are unprepared for something and you know deep down in your heart that if only you prepared you would of felt more comfortable and you would of known or at least be better prepared to find a solution to the situation you are placed in. This is the most logical reason why one should plan effectively.

Sure planning for an event can be boring, some may even find it overwhelming to see how much hard work and time has to go into planning a spectacular event or situation. While others may find that it creates a certain amount of enthusiasm and sketches positive expectations. In summary planning can be seen as good or bad depending on you, depending on your attitude.

Why do people not plan?

• People like to “wing it”, they may enjoy the thrill that they feel when they
have to “kill fires”
• Sometimes people believe that a situation can be so unpredictable that
it’s best not to plan
• Too little time to plan ahead
• People don’t generally like planning because it’s not “doing”

Effects of little or no planning

• Stressful situations
• Pressure
• Tempers rise and frustration occur
• Unsuccessful event

Why should we plan and what is the importance of planning?

• There is 80% chance that the event that you planning for will be a success
• Planning is steps by step guide which aides in simply making your life easier
• When you plan you can also factor in events that you think could occur
and make provision for these events.

Prepare for which ever situation that you may face with the end in mind and don’t forget to add some positivity to the mixture. You will never be fully prepared but at least you will be better prepared if a dilemma should occur. Remember a positive mind moves mountains!

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