Lessons Learnt: PAIN vs WORLD

Health comes first, safety first is what people normally say but do people mean what they say? Well the world tends to say differently. People come to work sick because:

• The work needs to get done
• The bills need to get paid
• I need to make a living

But they forget who gives them money to make these things happen. They forget who gives them the strength to make these things happen. More importantly people forget that they are only human. It’s not the places we work for, okay ultimately yes they do pay us for the work that we do but its God that gives them the means to pay us. This past week I’ve been sick, let’s just say I put back injury under the list of sickness I never want to go through again along with knee injuries, gastro and pink eyes. These sickness make flu look like a walk in the park. Basically I cannot comprehend how I made excuses for the pain that I was feeling due to bad posture, compassion and a looming deadline. Here’s a few lessons learnt:

Lesson 1: Don’t make excuses for the pain because it doesn’t go away, you may find a temporary fix for it but it does not go away!

Lesson 2: If your body is “broken” you need to rest because even though you received medication you still need a time out session. Your body needs to heal!

Lesson 3: There’s only one of you nobody else is going to fix you but you, by drawing that boundary line.

Lesson 4: Don’t feel guilty for being sick, stand your ground because only you know how you feel. You the only person that is going through that chronic pain nobody else, not the work, not the deadline.

Lesson 5: Being sick can be a result of being over worked and under paid. It can also be a sign that your body needs rest.

Lesson 6: Stand your ground, don’t let them intimidate you! Say it with me “I will rest and not worry about THEM because God is in control”.

Lesson 7: When you sick, it’s the only time that you can be selfish and feel okay about it.

Lesson 8: Rest, rest and more rest

I worked for 4 days in this past week with one day of rest, which was Friday. Two magical powerful injections later, I lay typing this piece with a pain level of 3.5 out of 10. Hope this helps and I trust you guys you will learn from my mistakes.



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