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Valentine’s Day

It’s Valentine’s Day (V-Day) this week and for the first time in many years I have a Valentine on V-Day! That brings a smile to my face; I wasn’t really the soppy girl but its Valentine’s Day. What to buy? I have no idea what to buy; my person loves getting gifts. Gift buying can be difficult regardless of the occasion and regardless of the person you buying the gift for. Some people are just very difficult to buy gifts for and others are not very fussy. To top it all off buying gifts can be so expensive in the world of technology. Everybody wants a tablet, a smartphone, iPad, iPod etc. but they all so expensive. Retail outlets have the “expensive” part covered, you can take out a contract from as little as R169 a month for only 24 months. A gift should be a personal item something that you thought about in detail.

A few questions to ask yourself:

1. What do you know your person wants but won’t buy for themselves?
2. What have they hinted that they would like?
3. What’s your person’s personality type?
4. What are their interests?
5. Would they prefer edible delights or something they can keep?

You may even want to discuss gift buying with your person to make sure you on the same page. You don’t want a situation where you buy a box of chocolates while your person gets you a handcrafted one of a kind watch. Wouldn’t that be embarrassing? Or you could make mental notes as to what your person wanted to buy for themselves but could not purchase the item at the time. Of course take into account your budget, don’t over spend and end up penniless towards the end of the month. I am sure your person will understand if your gift is not that expensive. Buy a gift from the heart, forget all the complications that may arise or don’t make it complicated and just have fun.

After all giving is caring!

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