10 Lessons the world teaches us

Why does money make the world go round, greed and suffering is what fuels this society we live in. Some people feel the need to compare themselves to others because those “others” are the one’s getting all the money and all the fame. Some people thrive on the suffering of others but they don’t realise what the consequences of their actions may be. I shudder to think how people can be so ruthless and unapologetic is; is this just their nature or is this how the world has influenced them.

A few lessons the world has taught us:

1. You can never have enough money
2. Its okay to be greedy
3. The more you make people suffer the more good you will feel about yourself
4. The more famous you become the more things you can do without considering the consequences
5. Why don’t you confuse confidence with arrogance, everybody’s doing it
6. Its okay to emotionally blackmail others
7. You have bragging rights to everything
8. Religion is for losers
9. Be afraid of authority because they can ruin you
10. Chase for the top and forget about what you leave behind

In every negative situation there are always positives, you just have to change your perspective and look at the same painting at a different angle.

A few positive lessons learnt:

1. Being different is best
2. Overcome adversity
3. Remain positive
4. Hope and believe in your Creator
5. Do what makes you happy
6. Fight for what you believe in
7. Surround yourself with the people you choose to become
8. Love because love conquers a multitude of sins
9. Give when you can and receive when you can
10. In everything remember to say THANK YOU!

Hope this helps and remember a positive mind moves mountains!


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