Things that hurt Part 1

It is the day before Friday, “Klein Vrydag” that’s what they call it in Afrikaans. I am not sure what hurts the most:
I told her my blog is doing well and I am pleasantly surprised by this. And all she responds is “Oh you have an outlet now”. What a response I was expecting praise, a “well done Tiff” no praise at all. Maybe I am being too sensitive but I felt sadness, this is the woman who taught me, who believed in my passion and innovation. I don’t think she was jealous of me; it was a confirmation of what I already knew. She was not the woman that I grew to know, the woman who believed in me.

For two nights I felt what it’s like to be downright poor, well it wasn’t entirely poor but it was on a level of poor. The first night I slept in my car with a comforter, cushion, cellphone and car keys. I pushed the 2 front seats backwards and closed my eyes. Morning came and I made it, rushed inside and got ready for work. The sleep was crappy, sleeping on my back not my cup of tea but this is how some people live. The second night I slept on family member’s couch. You would think this would be easy for a short person, definitely not true. A family member had given me the crappy couch because they wanted to preserve their newer couches. It pains me to think that this is what some people go through and nobody knows about it, they just carry on as if all is well. This I call perseverance!

I overheard a conversation about myself, one lady was telling another lady she was so exhausted and tired she just did not have the strength to lick an envelope why doesn’t the other lady ask me to lick the envelope for her. I couldn’t stop laughing; it was the most hilarious thing I have ever heard. Is this what some people think of others; forget that I was the person mentioned you can place whomevers name in the situation and you will still find this in society in many different forms, shapes and sizes. It wasn’t hilarious it was sad that someone would abuse my generosity in this way.

To be continued…


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