God’s Peace

I am moved by the spirit of God, as I listen to this song by @jesusculture I am moved to write. Last night was bad. As I got into my car this morning, I was trying to figure out where this phobia of killing creepy crawly insects comes from. I am not sure is it the fear that is so utterly paralysing or is it because killing is a sin or is it my sensitive hearing and light sleeping. Hypnosis could be the answer to cure me by taking the fear away but I can’t do that because God teaches that it’s not right to be involved in such practices. The fear was magnified because I was tired. I heard the sound, the constant scratching trying to breakthrough or break in and the horrific scream that escaped my mouth. The scratching sound pierced the sound of the food network being screened on my television set. “Oh no, not tonight “I thought. My silent prayer, Father I give up on my phobia. Research says that you will never get rid of the fear, you will always be afraid but you learn to deal with it better. When you are ill or not feeling like yourself it will be harder to fight the fear or in my case kill the insect.

As I sat in the traffic flipping through my collection of Jesus Culture (http://new.jesusculture.com/), the spirit of God moved me “Spontaneous song” was the name of the song that I listened to. It is about spontaneous praise to God – praise and worship. A few hours later, I google “Jesus Culture- Spontaneous worship”. There are 4 songs with the same title, as I listen to it I am moved nothing in this world matters. All my troubles, worries, negative thoughts flow out of me because nothing matters just the spirit of God. This is God’s peace! Nothing matters; not the people talking about me, not the fear I feel for insects, not the worries in the back of my mind and not the things of this world. Nothing matters because in this moment I am experiencing the peace of God. The peace that He has promised, picture yourself sitting in a busy airport and you look up towards a light shining straight ahead of you and the world around is moving so fast it becomes a steady blur of images and you are looking ahead focusing on the light. The light is God, the sea of blur images is the world and the situation you experiencing is God’s peace.

Hope you get to experience His remarkable peace. God Bless 

#Peace # Christianity #JesusCulture


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