Judgement, observations and freedom of speech

I write about observations that I experience which is a form of freedom of speech. My dilemma is when judgement, observations and freedom of speech overlap. As a Christian you are not allowed to judge others, so do you see my dilemma here? Note that as a Christian you are not perfect , but you know that you will never be perfect so when you sin you ask God to forgive you and you learn to accept His forgiveness. You are entitled to forgiveness because Jesus died on the cross for all, good and bad people alike. In the bible it says you shall not judge another man because judgement is only for God, only God can judge you.

Judgement is looking at someone else and observing the bad of the person. Negative connotations normally arise from judging someone else.
Observation is looking at someone else and making a list of their attributes, observations can be either good or bad.

How is judgment and observations not the same?

There is a fine line between judgment and observation, but I think the answer to that question is entirely up to you. You can judge all you like and observe all you like but the choice lies with you as to whether or not to use the power of observations and act on it in negative way. If observation is used only in a bad way you are actually judging another.

What do you think?

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