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Limitless possibilities of writing

Writing about the things that you shouldn’t write about is one of the things that tempt me every day. I think that perhaps it’s the things that will raise the most opinions, concerns and views. I was always the rebel, always the one that wanted to be different and not like everybody else. Let this not fool you, it’s all about the rules for me. I later heard abiding by the rules is an introvert trait (more on this later). I remember I used to have this African wood carved watch, 3 or more different textured bracelets on my arm and I wore them every day. One day a lady stopped me and told me “I always admire your originality, the want to always be different” and I said why do I need to be like everyone else.
I want to write about:

• People
• The things that make me feel the most pain – adversity, victimisation, wrong done to innocent people
• The things that make me the most happy – love, nature, reading, family, friends, new experiences, humour
• The things that society has coined as bad and inappropriate – LGBTI, Drugs, HIV/Aids
• Religion in its truest form
• Technology
• All things computers
• Learning – informally and formally
• Social justice
• Cars and motorbikes
• Other – Whatever else I can think of

What do you want to write about?


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