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Is being a workaholic a choice or a lifestyle?

People say things like oh you should enjoy your weekend and cheers have a great weekend and you reply have and great weekend and rest well. They respond, if I can rest I have so much work to do. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard that and I don’t know how many times it frustrates me to hear that. Is that what it’s like, when you ascend into the ranks or you want to make an impression you need to work late, you need to work all the time to show others that you working hard, why you can’t work smart in hope that people will notice that. People say things like, when you ascend into the ranks there’s no way that you can work normal working hours that you have to go home and work some more. When you get placed on a specific type of job, there’s no way you can make the deadline without taking a bit of work home and doing it.

Some highly ranked individuals never have the time to chat to you because they always fully booked, sometimes you have to make an appointment with them two weeks before the time because they busy. I once took a training course where the facilitator mentioned this is the norm in many work places, he said it’s a result of micro management, poor time management and not trusting your employees. In summary what society is telling us, is that you have to come to work early, don’t take lunch (grab a quick bite) and leave work late that’s when you are making a difference, working hard and entitled to a promotion. There is even a special day for people that choose to work all the time.

Workaholics Day

Some people say “yay” this is the way of life while their personal lives suffer. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard comments like:

– I must go home tonight otherwise my husband may leave me
– I forgot to take my baby for his clinic visit, so now my husband comes back to tell me everything is fine,
you can’t send a male to do a females job
– Her husband is taking strain because she has to work away from home so often
– My partner left me because they said “you don’t know how much your work affects me”

I found this blogs spot which discusses “10 signs you may be a workaholic” , you may want to check it out

My question is, why do you really work?
I work for God; I work to please God and not the people. Forget about the people, God gives you your promotion, He determines your course of life whether you choose to believe it or not. He is the beginning and the end; He knows that not everything you do is going to be perfect. There’s a scripture in the bible that reads you do not have to wake early and sleep late because blessings come when you resting. So lighten up and take it a bit easy, do not worry so much about who is going to feed your family, God will provide. He will give you the means to make it work for you.


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