Adversity in many ways

I always wondered what adversity would feel like and whether or not I had experienced it before. Looking back I think I shot myself in the foot, it was like the heavens opened up and God said okay my child let’s make you experience adversity. Conveniently a certain phrase comes to mind “A new level, a new devil”. You may be wondering how adversity links to being different trust me it does, well at least I think it does.
Had this discussion with an influential woman, her history definitely defines that she is an influential woman and she knows how to work her image and persona. Interesting bit however, is where she tries to convince me that reasoning out the truth and the concept of bending the rules is okay. That’s the thing there is no way to get around the truth. She reckons by bending the truth for the immediate circumstance is fine as she fails to the see the effect on the bigger picture. I reckon there is no way of by passing the truth for any circumstance.

Truth is beauty

They still tell me I can’t write, but I choose to believe otherwise I choose to believe the feeling that I get when I put my thoughts on paper and collaborate them with fact and research. I choose to believe in me and my abilities, my God given talents. They tell me there is a difference between journaling and writing a book, they tell me what about blogging. I tell them there is a difference between blogging, writing a book and writing a journal. “They” are those people who are distracted by their reasoning telling people like you and I that we can’t do it, that we can’t make a difference to the world out there one step at a time. “They” refers to those that say he or she can never do it, they will never fit in, and they will never accomplish their dreams. “They” refers to those people who are the messengers of adversity.


We tell the “they”, that they will never understand us or our motives because we were born to stand out. We were born to make a difference, even if it is one step at a time. Making a difference one step at time has a rippling effect; they just have to see it in the way that we see it “the bigger picture”. The most successful celebrated change agents have been those who people who thought differently to the norm they were the out of the box thinkers.

My advice to you , be who you are and be who you want to be don’t be what others want you to be. Embrace your differences and originality because it’s those differences that define you. Be yourself and the right people and right activities will find you. Remember the most important thing in life is your decision to be happy no matter what!


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