Dealing, Loss & Affection

Different people deal with grief and loss in different ways. Some people prefer to be comforted others prefer to be alone. Some even prefer not talk and think about it carry on with life until it catches up with them. The truth is there is no exact cure for grief or loss, there are many books out there where the authors promise you perfect recovery from grief. There is no perfect recovery; others say you just need “time” to let it work through your system. In my experience, there are times that I can relate to the grief felt by another other times I try and place myself in the other person’s shoes. I may not know how you deal with loss, but I sure as hell will be there even if I say nothing. Even if you call me and you don’t know what to say I will be the one holding on, on the other side of the telephone line just being there. I am that person, there are many times when honestly I really don’t know what to say but I find that just being there makes a world of a difference.

Asking God, what to say is one of the first solutions you should try at all times He answers you directly other times He works through others. God is good, all the time. Many times children die before their parents; this is the ultimate pain for a parent because you never expect your child to pass before you do. God’s timing is unexpected but He always works for the good for those who love Him. As scripture says those who die young are being saved by God from something worse that is to come, this is written in Isaiah. This has always been a comfort to pass along to the bereaved.  Time does heal, but I believe it’s what you do with that healing time that makes the difference.

The bible better known as my manual to life has everything that you will ever need , all the answers , all the words of comfort I repeat it has anything and everything in it.   Spending time with God and His word is the perfect medicine to use during your “time” it may even speed up the process, dependent on God’s plan.

All I can say is just be there for a next person because people are better than no people.



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