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Humble Beginnings?

An e-mail comes through on my phone, oh no I think another advert but I was feeling optimistic perhaps another follower. No it wasn’t a follower the subject flashes on my phone and it reads “A journalist requesting an interview”. First thought comes to mind it’s a scam this can’t be happening I am not going to read this now. A half an hour passes, the suspense is killing me slowly I read the e-mail and she wants to interview me she’s writing an article for a clothing group’s magazine about introverts and extroverts in the workplace. Can it be a breakthrough? I call it a breakthrough I asked for a miracle I am calling it a breakthrough!

Now I sit a couple of hours later after mentioning this to a few people, like a steady stream of water being released from a tap so the doubts and fears enter into my mind. What if she wants news about the company I work for, what if she turns my words around and uses it against me , what if it’s the devil disguising this as a breakthrough, what if… what if… it is driving me insane.  I need some quiet to think, to process my thoughts more like some quiet to calm myself down.

On the other hand, this woman is going to listen to me and hear about a subject that I am passionate about, things I’ve observed or experienced and I can offer solutions to whoever takes the time out to read her article and that’s all I am about; helping wherever you can, whenever you can and hoping that you change the world one step at a time or rather one person at a time and leave the rest to God.

Thinking about drawing up a one pager contract just as a safety precaution after all she is a journalist. But all in all I am pretty much stoked about this opportunity even if it’s a small publication it doesn’t matter to me humble beginnings.

Like a friend of mine always says thinking positivity brings positivity! (Thank you Noleen – http://meandmytumours.wordpress.com)

Humble Pie
Humble Pie

1 thought on “Humble Beginnings?”

  1. Girlfriend this is whst we call a break through the fact we have been praying so hard nithing will get us down remember our talks God calls us for a purpose some doors will close we wont understand but the author of our life has a greater plan as the situation you are facing drags along dont you believe God is opening the way for you to fulfil your purpose my pain and grief is my strength because again God proves Himself we are destined for greatness why shoul we settle for less remember many were called but few were chosen


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