Hierarchy and the working environment

They say hierarchy at work influences a certain style of professionalism and culture in the work place.  1st year article clerks have to do exactly what 2nd year article clerks tell them to do and 2nd article clerks have to do exactly what 3rd year clerks tell them to do because that’s the way it’s always been. So 1st years have to do all the crap work, get the Managers coffee whenever they ask. I heard of an example where a Manager walked past a 1st years’ desk and said to them  go make me coffee, the 1st year nervous as it was had to go find out how the Manager liked their coffee and make it just the way they liked it otherwise they would be “dead”. Some argue that this behaviour is appropriate because this harsh environment and hard tactics prepare articles clerks to be the future Chief Financial Officer’s (CFO), Financial Manager’s, General Managers (GM’s) etc.

Is this not bullying and victimisation?

Or is this the norm, I can only speak to what I’ve heard and observed. The 1st year article clerks are the future 2nd year article clerks and so forth.  When the new 1st years’ come to work the 2nd years’ now tell the 1st years’ make me coffee, go buy me food because that’s what they had to go through. The endless cycle of bullying and abuse will never end until someone sees the wrong in this treatment.  Those 3rd years’ become Managers in the future; so what happens to those people who work under these now Managers?

I once heard a story of one of these now Managers:

Manager: Pass me a file please

Employee: {Passes file}

Manager: Why is this file empty?

Employee: I have no idea; this is the way it was given to me

Manager: You know I should throw this file back at you in the face

Is this not bullying or victimisation?

This is what some argue is the right way of doing things. Is this how society and a performance culture raise future Managers to be like? What I’ve said however, does not talk to every single working environment and every single Manager. There are Managers who went through the same process and who still respect their employees.   What do you guys think?


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