The Life of a Bud-in Writer

So you decided that you love writing, you absolutely love writing it’s this unexplained feeling you get when you start putting your thoughts into words. You want to quit your day job because you realise you don’t fit in or you don’t like your boss. So you run to your laptop to search the internet for freelance writing jobs. After a couple of searches later and you realise this is going to be tough and the excitement fades but you still determined to have a career as a writer.

You find all these wonderful websites offering jobs for freelance writers and you go yesss! Perfect just what I am looking for. You go through them one by one and you then you come to the conclusion this is going to be harder than I thought , firstly all this advertisements are for boring writing jobs. For example, write advertisements for jewellery shops, medical schemes, engineering companies etc.

If you like me you realise, this is not what I want to be writing about and you temporary give up on the idea of an part time freelance writing job. I for one want to be writing about human interaction and how they affect everyday life, I write about anything and everything limitless boundaries is the name that I have given my writing style. Yes that’s correct, formally they there is no such writing style. So you do the next best thing perhaps it’s the first thing you should’ve done when you realised that writing is the best thing that ever happened to you (may be exaggerated commentary) you try and register for a writing course, there are so many courses and so much money but only problem is there is no writing course associated with your style of writing.

What now? You decide I am going to be a blogger and I am going to make it big as a blogger I am going to have so many followers I will receive Blog awards. So you run to your laptop and you go search the internet for free blog sites. Brilliant this is the answer to all my issues you think, I can write about whatever I want whenever I want and I may even get famous for my writing.


So you scourge the internet and you find the best blogging sites, just to mention a few in no particular order:

WordPress  http://wordpress.com

Blogger http://www.blogger.com

Tumblr http://www.tumblr.com

Squarespace www.squarespace.com

You read up on the different blog sites and precisely at that minute you realise EVERYTHING is so complicated! Don’t make it complicated just keeping writing. Write for the sake of writing you can always sort out all the technical stuff later. Just keep on writing doesn’t matter how you feel or what type of mood you in, not all your writing is going to be perfect the first time around unless you are a super writer.  If you aspire to write a book I suggest you don’t look at the bigger picture 80 000 approx. but rather focus on the detail. Yes I said focus on the detail! Try and write a day a little bit at a time, good and bad. Just write and:



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